Airtime Paint provides a variety of services to the aircraft industry and private owners. This includes our in house design, fabrics and interiors, making any paint repairs necessary and even repairing corrosion and preventing any future occurrences. The basic package offered includes many items but we also offer other services that will enhance both the life and beauty of your newly finished aircraft.

These include:

Door openings can be prepared and repainted.
Refinish of Propellers.
Rubber wing root mouldings.
Anti-chafe seals install on inside of cowling's.
New stainless steel fasteners (Airframe).
Leading edge boot cleaning and refinishing.

We are also able to give a high quality lacquer top coat, which will give the paint finish a very high level of deep "Gloss" finish.

All materials used in the preparation and paint of the aircraft are of the highest possible quality, and conform to current CAA/MOD specification. We operate on a minimum duplicate inspection process, whereby every stage of stripping, preparation, painting and finish is inspected by quality and process personnel.

Our Refinishing Process

Refinishing is a carefully planned step into the future of your aircraft. Knowing what will be done and how it will be accomplished is an important part of the process of having your aircraft refinished. Let me explain to you how Airtime Paint Ltd will help you accomplish your goals.

The first step after your arrival at our facility is a pre-paint inspection. We will look over the aircraft with you and discuss any areas that may need extra attention. Items such as plastic fairings that might need replacing, or fibreglass parts that only need repairs will be brought to your attention. We inspect the aircraft lighting to insure that it is functional at the time of delivery. When the aircraft has been inspected and you have specified the areas that you want to be repaired, it is time for the next stage in the process.

Our next goal is to finalise the exact paint scheme and choose colours.

Once all the details are worked out, it is time to start the process.

If you have any queries, or require further information please do not hesitate to contact us.


Interiors and Trim Shop

An aircraft interior is a pretty important feature, after all as a pilot it is what you and your passengers see and use the most. Certainly the look, feel and smell is what people remember. In addition a good quality interior will definitely affect the value, yet in terms of potential cost a new interior is not that expensive.

Our interiors and trim are individually handmade in our dedicated trim shop. All are made to measure and can replicate the original manufacturer's trim or a bespoke design with materials and colours of your choice. This allows you to achieve the desired price for any budget.

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